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Dyonisis started of life in 2000 as an idea of Tom Chaffer's. Having left his old band behind, he was keen to get back into making music. Nel and Tom had met through mutual friends early on in their first year at university. In their second year (2001) they decided to try and mess around with some of Tom's old demos. The songs from that time evolved into the spine of the current album.

Calling ourselves Dawn after JM Linsner's comic book goddess of birth and re-birth, we set out to find other band members to take their ideas live. Kirstie, a friend who was in folk trio Welcome Stranger with Nel and Marcus, joined in order to help reproduce the vocal harmonies Nel found joy in writing. Marcus came in on bass and Dawn finally became a unit.

A few nerve-ridden first gigs under the name Dawn followed and in 2005 we had gathered enough faith in ourselves to take things forward with enthusiasm. Abandoning the name Dawn for Dyonisis (briefly "Dionysus") it was felt that an extra vocal talent was needed to recreate some of the songs live.






To this end Louisa joined in Halloween 2005. Kirstie left in 2006 to be replaced by Suzanne (incidentally the one who introduced Nel to the works of Linsner). Sadly this was to be short lived and in the Winter of 2006 Dyonisis decided to carry on as a 4 piece. By this point Lou had regained confidence in her piano playing, opening up more possibilities for our song writing and leaving all of us very excited about our options for album No.2!

So we finally have our first album, recorded at home, and we couldn't be more thrilled to have reached this point. But we have no intention of standing still, working in more layers, variations and instruments into our set. In our music and live performance we aim to transport you into an emotional landscape. We feel confident in our ability to move forward - revelling in the established songs, improving on old ones and writing new material.

Above all, we're loving every minute.

UPDATE: our second full length release, "Intoxicated" is now available. Click here for full details.



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