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Okay, where to start… well to be honest I didn’t expect I’d be in a band at this point in time. I sort of lost my way with music when I hit university first time round.

For three years I didn’t really play music very much, my piano being all the way back in Sheffield and me in Leeds, though I carried on the clarinet in first year with the halls of residence music society.

Up until this point music had been a big part of my life, playing the clarinet in any band that I could possibly join at school as well as singing in the choir. During this time I was involved in recording an album to raise money for the school and got to do concerts around Sheffield to promote it.

Outside of school I was part of Sheffield’s youth wind band and clarinet choir, again playing concerts around Sheffield, my favourites being at the city hall. I carried on with these throughout college, also achieving grade 7 piano before giving them all up to go to uni. Thankfully in my gap year once the genetics course had finished, I found my love of music again when I got introduced to Marcus.







I’d only seen Dyonisis once previously before Marcus told me they were looking for a third singer. He knew about my love of music and had been hinting for a while that as soon as I found my confidence I should pop round and have a jam. With having about as much of an outgoing character as a turtle at this point, I had to have something to make me strive to achieve more with myself, and yes I’m ashamed to say it was over a guy… So I signed up to be the third singer, forcing myself to try and sing in front of people, however bad it may sound, and woot! it happened and I’ve never regretted it since.

Around this same time I bought my digital piano that’s usually on stage these days, scraping together my savings since my parents were getting rid of my original piano as it was too big to take with me when I moved out. It took me a year of being in the band to get up to scratch with it again, writing the first piano tune and discovering the art of jamming just recently, yay!

Around the same time in 2006 I went back to uni to start a different degree in Music Technology and Sound Design, which has been great for inspiration to get me writing stuff for the band. So now with the first album pretty much under wraps I can’t wait to start on the next one with lots more ideas to come.

Last sentence.. If you’re still with me here.. Gratz!



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