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Hailing from Luton, born in the year of the punk I took early teen influences from Led Zepplin, Sisters of Mercy, New Model Army and my own parents folk playing, in short a dodgy Goth teenagedom led to My first band who, after
many line-up changes were monikered Freya and played for four years around Bedford in the early nineties.

However, in a reoccurring way, one member left to go to
York uni and another to Africa and that was the end of that.

An early interest in acting had been pursued throughout my youth and this led me to a BTEC in performing arts took me home to Luton and several projects that showed promise, including being involved in a production of Pink Floyd's
"The Wall" and Ladybird Sandwich, an electro three-piece where I started to play with backing tracks and electric beats.

This ended when America took our singer and Leeds the synth player. Another musical compadre went to Australia.

Boredom in exile in Bedford, with only a guitar and no-one to play with I left for the grim and distant Sheffield, landing in 99.







Sheffield proved a rich place for musical projects, many players, many bands. Projects included Focii, a Folk four piece (bodhran), Junta a musical collective, containing up to thirteen members at one point, containing many instruments and percussive players (Bass and Acoustic Guitar); Thirteen Daze, a live band hip-hop outfit fronted by J-Bug and featuring a full band (bass); and also co-ran a rehearsal room-collective of twenty-five or so based in an old factory near London road, Sheffield.

This was the birthplace of several current Sheffield acts including Tarana, Graine, Duplex Blues.

Having met, and started to go out with Nel we discovered Nel's singing and song writing talents. The first vehicle for this was folk three-piece Welcome Stranger with former Dyonisis vocalist Kirstie. This was concurrent with Nel and Tom's early writing and it was decided to meld the two projects and the rest you know...

Currently side projects include Goblin Productions - a recording project predominantly with our house-mate Tim the Loon, using electric beats and live instruments; and Strange Tiwsday a jamming collective.

We have our own home-studio setup, where we recorded our first album and regularly play with many diverse musicians from across the genres.



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