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19 Dec 2007

Shamania JAMDEMO

We've added a new track to our myspace for you all that is an improvised piece, recorded after Shamania last August. We jam often over a repeated electronic loop. Rainy Day was originally a 45 minute Jam!! We like this tune and hope you do to.


Our finale!

Well what a year! It's been a bit of a rollercoaster at times, on top of the usual personal baggage we all have to deal with in life, band stuff has added to the messy mix that is living... Finally finishing our album & organizing the launch, getting those first reviews, *that* Nelson gig, Emilie Autumn, Shamania, Whitby, long drives in minibusses, Starting on new material, the fights and the funtimes gigs, gigs and more gigs... Not sure how come i'm still in one piece!

On that note... Goodbye to '07 & all that!

Come celebrate the end of the year with us at Black Planet's Xmas Special!

It's @
The Angel
30 the Broadway
MK40 3TH

22 Dec 2007
£7 on door

Our final gig of 07... expect some surprises! (i'm in an oxymoronic mood...)

There will be new material though, been saving one or two new pieces for the occasion. One piece in particular will be a one off...

On 22nd of December 2007 Black Planet will not only be a Gothic Realm but a Realm where your favourite fairytales and legends come together to make History. Captain Zephirella and her crew are taking you on board The Precious Darkstar for a night of magic and fantasy.

Come as your favourite fairytale and legends character and celebrate with the beautiful ethereal sound of Dyonisis who won "Battle of The Bands" at the 2007 October edition of Whitby Gothic Festival and will make it on the main stage for the 2008 April WGW! Be also taken by The Tallyman's Dark Omnibus' story telling and singing in a true "Dark Cyber Cabaret" style.

Then dance the night away till 3AM with our resident DJ's.

+ Every attendee will receive a voucher to gain entry for £4 at the January's gig with Voices of Masada supported by October Country

+ Buy a raffle ticket for £1 and win CD's, T-shirts and more... All proceeds will go towards a fund to help find treatment for Lucy*Fur and to help her realise her dreams. She's been the one behind so much of the Whitby Gothic Weekend that people take for granted so this is our chance to put something back, please read her blog for more info.

Pirates, Fairies, Elves, Dragons, Knights, Trolls…. All Welcome!

All info: www.myspace.com/blackplanetuk or email black.planet@hotmail.co.uk

11 Nov 2007

And now for something a bit different...!

Reeeally looking forward to this gig, should be a bit special.

EVERYONE in sheff should see Sieben play before they die.


Dyonisis are previewing 2 new tunes (one of which has never been performed live, might all go horribly wrong..!) and the line up includes special guest performers..... For ONE night only, ONE track only, Dyonisis will have a drummer! *shock* *gasp*!

Should be a good un ;)

Dyonisis Showcase in conjunction with Mentholman promotions.
Dyonisis, Sieben, Loman and Potato Braille

05 Nov 2007

Dyonisis on Total Rock Radio Tonight!

Total Rock's "New World Order" is dedicated to showcasing unsigned bands. They, in their ultimate wisdom and unparalled good taste have chosen to play us tonight - hurrah!

If you wish (and i think you should!) you can listen by going to:
The show is on 8-10pm (GMT - UK time)

You might discover a new gem....

Nel & Dyonisis

29 Oct 2007

Off to Whitby next year?!

...We're playing! *hurrah!*

We won the battle of the bands on Fri and so get to come back and play the main event in '08! Big thanks to everyone who came to listen, we had a great time and there was a good feeling in the room so thanks :)

We don't yet know if we'll be playing in April or October, we'll keep you posted *excited*!


23 Oct 2007

Off to Whitby this weekend?

Dont forget to call into the Metropole hotel on friday to catch the Battle of the Bands - we're in it wooot!

Also playing are:
13 Tombs
Novus UK

Hurrah! should be a good un!

The winner gets to play Whitby proper next year but aside from the BoB aspect 3 bands playing their socks off should make for a good eve methinks :)

Have a great weekend

20 Oct 2007

Dyonisis are currently locked away writing and recording new material, but in the meantime we've uploaded a vastly shorter radio edit of album track Rainy Day for free download. Its nearly 5 minutes shorter than the album version, but we thought you'd all like the chance to have a listen anyway.

Keep your eyes open and with any luck we'll be putting up some demo versions of new songs in the very near future.
Hope everyones well,

Take care,

5 Sept 2007

Out of the 23 applicants for the Whitby Goth Weekend Battle of the Bands competition we have been chosen as one of the 3 bands to go forward to play at the Metropole @ Whitby Gothic Weekend this October (26th) - Hurrah!

The Finalists:

13 Tombs

Hope to see some of you there!

29 Aug 2007

Well it’s taken me 2 months but...

I've finally uploaded the album launch photos! Photos by Matin Bedford... Cool swirly lights & smoke courtesy of Keir, made the Casbah look v purrrdy...

Try & spot the pic where Lou has wings!

27 Aug 2007

Ever wanted to see zombies bellydance?

...Well this sunday you can fulfill that lifelong dream at the Floorshow Festy alldayer :)

The Other Rooms
Times Square
DATE: Sun 2nd Sept
TIME: 4pm

Line up as follows...

NFD, Rome Burns, Voices of Masada, Rhombus, The Way of All Flesh, Dyonisis.

There's also going to be Zombie Belly Dancing courtesy of Raqsmacabre and Burlesque!

Not only do you get all of this but the first 20 through the door get a free CD kindly donated by Line Out Records.

These are compilation CDs which contain bands like Earth Loop Recall, Deathboy, Katscan, Trauma Pet, History of Guns, I am Immune and many more. There are a few unreleased tracks here and there.

Doors are at 4 with the first band (us!) on at 4:45 so if you get there early not only do you get a free cd but you catch us playing too :)

tickets from myspace.com/floorshowgothnight

15 Aug 2007


Dyonisis are to play Sheffstock this weekend (17-19th Aug). As we're in Leeds on Saturday we will be playing Sunday at Sheffstock. Come say hello if your down and if your at a loss for weekend entertainment you could do much worse than the whole festival.

Full details of available at www.myspace.com/shefstock

02 Aug 2007

CRS Interview

Just a quick shout out that we're interviewed in the latest issue of the Classic Rock Society magazine www.classicrocksociety.net

Cheers guys

24 Jul 2007


We've been confirmed on the bill for Shamania this weekend. We're not sure what time but if your going down look out for us. We'll know more once onsite. For more information about the festie then check http://shamania.com/ Hope to see you there.


19 Jul 2007


....We're now also playing the Camden gig with Emily Autumn tomorrow!!!
Found out last night!

05 Jul 2007

*** Dyonisis CD Now Available As A Digital Download ***

Non-Europe customers can now buy the debut CD "Dyonisis" as a high-quality digital download from leading digital music online retailers such as Apple iTunes, Napster, MusicMatch and many more.

See the Discography section for more details.

23 Jun 2007

*** Party This Saturday! ***

Sheffield's Casbah
Launch Date: Sat 23 June 2007
Venue: Casbah
*** ENTRY: FREE ***

....WE'RE HAVING A PARTY!!! We've worked bloody hard to get this album finished and now we're gonna celebrate with a bang!

It's gonna be soooooooo pretty!!! We've been busy painting hangings, organising great support acts, buying tasty things shiny things for you...yes, YOU!

It's been a tough coupla years for many of us and it's time to let our hair down! Participating in the revelry will be ->

JD Woodpacker - One man and his guitar returns to sheffield after a long period in Holland Einstein - Mr time n space himself reincarnated in proggy wander, his debut gig!
Dyonisis (!) - Full album set (first time ever!)

And the best bit is that it starts at *4pm* so by the time the party's over there will be plenty of places open to move on to (i'm aiming for the Red House!) other gigs to see, clubs to enjoy, it's gonna be a fantastic weekend... who needs Glastonbury eh?!!

See you in wanderland....

16 Jun 2007

*** ONE WEEK TO GO!!! ***

...Til our album launch! There will be tunes! Sweets! Freebies! Joy of all descriptions! Oh yeah... and you can hear/see/buy/sniff/gererally fondle the finished album for the first time!

Playing: JD Woodpecker - One man & his guitar
Einstein - The debut gig of our housemate's band. Proggy psychodelia
Dyonisis - full album set

It's been a traumatic coupla years for most of us, so we're planning to make
the night go with a bang. This album's taken sooo much longer than planned
(line up changes, the steep learning curve of home recording etc) WE'RE

Nel & Dyonisis

09 Jun 2007

Want to know why you should see us in July?

We’re playing with her....

...and we're pretty good too!

06 Jun 2007


Due to crossed wires we've discovered the gig we've been advertising for this Saturday 9th is actually being held on this SUNDAY.

Sorry if this causes any trouble for anyone.

...On the other hand Sunday is a great evening for relaxing to chilled tunes, acoustic goodness courtesy of Trouble Breathing and a soothing post-weekend pint.

Sorry again for the mix up - hope to see some of you on Sunday :)


05 Jun 2007


As many of you know Miss Autumn is touring Europe over the next month.

The "victoriaindustrial anarchy violinist" herself is only playing 3 UK dates, London, Edinburgh and...ta-daaa...Sheffield!

We're going to be supporting her on 21st July on the *only* non-capital city date of the UK leg of the tour. We're really fortunate to have landed this mid-UK performance - hope you're all as pumped as I am!

*See you there!*


PS - for tickets see us or go here.

24 May 2007


Right, we've confirmed the venue... Sheffield's Casbah

Launch Date: Sat 23 June 2007
Venue: Casbah
*** ENTRY: FREE ***

It'll be an afternoon/evening "do" more details TBC

This is the first time I’ve done anything like this so forgive me for being a tad excited!

It'd be really great if anyone could make it. Planning to make it as special as poss. freebies etc

Nel :)

In the mean time have a peek at the gigs section for other events we're involved in...

14 May 2007

*** Album Launch ***

Right then...

Things are finally falling into place and we're so close to releasing the album that we've set a date....

On 23rd June we'll be holding a special album launch party in Sheffield, coinciding with the release of the CD album and digital download, both available through our soon to be re-launched website www.dyonisis.info. Stay posted for more details soon.

In the meantime you can have a sneak preview of the album cover in our Myspace pictures section.

11 May 2007


Yup, in case you hadn't noticed - it's spring! The season of all things shiny and new!

I've finally learnt the basics of a graphics package, so we have a banner that doesn't have that tacky "pimp my profile" or whatever it says on it :)


Copy 'n' Paste the following code into your site to display the above banner:

<a href="http://www.myspace.com/dyonisis"><img src="http://i83.photobucket.com/albums/j309/Nelliphant/banner2.jpg" border="0"></a>

Am i smug? Oh yes i am! Never mind the fact that it's taken me 24 yrs to learn to do this simple task...!

If anyone fancies helping us out and sticking this up somewhere on their profile we'd be all kinds of gratefull :)

Nel & Dyonisis

05 May 2007

Dyonisis on TWF Cover CD

TWF Magazine Issue 8 is out now and comes with a FREE CD!

17 Tracks Including: Emilie Autumn, History of Guns, Uberbyte, Libitina, Colt, Cauda Pavonis, Pro Jekt and DYONISIS!!! (diferant track to the one available with UnScene cos we'e nice like that)

Contents in this issue include:

A voyage into the world of cover star Emilie Autmn.
Libitina bow out with 'Parhelion'.
Take a trip to the 'Krankhaus' with Angelspit.
Deathboy reach the 'End of an Error'.
Crud exploded in your face with their sex-charged rock n roll; complete with bikinis, blood and gas masks.
While Ego Likeness demonstrate 'The Order of the Reptile'.
The return of Earth Loop Recall.
The LoveCrave show us the smell of Rain.
Be enwitched by Nebelhexe as she talks on new album 'Essensual'.


Is it right to snub those who take their Goth dress seriously?
Pondering... Suicide Girls.
WDS Masquerade Ball III pictures.
Miss Bunny Shoes in the fashion.

Plus hot competitions, reviews and all the usual gubbins
I've read it and it's really good! ....You can order it from http://www.twfmagazine.com/order.html



We'v stuck up a coupla slideshows of live shots on our myspace page. Thanks to Steve Oxley (www.capturephotos.t83.net) and Michael Riley (www.photographicmoments.mfbiz.com) for making us look good!

06 Apr 2007

SHINY NEW Mp3s!!!!!

We've recorded, faught, re-recorded, tweaked, furtled, cried, re-re-recorded and finally......


We're still sorting out one or two things before the album can be properly available to buy but here's a preveiw of some of the tunes in Mp3 form on our profile. Final line up, all buffed up 'n' things.

Huge thanks to Dan (IIRs in our top 8) for all his time, effort and for doing such a great job mastering these.


Dyonisis on Unscene Cover CD

Unscene Magazine have kindly included us on their cover cd for issue 4 - out now!

CD includes songs from - Lesbian Bed Death, Uninvited Guest, Spares, Voices of Masada, Pro-Jekt, Pzychobitch, Electro Synthetic Rebellion, The Faces of Sarah, RazorBladeKisses, Katscan, Inertia, Corrision, Cauda Pavonis, Dyonisis and KnifeLadder.

Bands interviewed this issue include - Katscan, Pzychobitch, Intrasonic, History of Guns, Electro Synthetic Rebellion, Intertia, Blind Before Dawn, ThouShaltNot, Mechanical Cabaret, Action Directe, Libitina, KnifeLadder, Voices of Masada. There's also articles, CD and Live reviews.

Issues are available from the Unscene Website at http://www.animespresso.com/unscene

Thank You!

27 Mar 2007

Thurs 29th march.....

Heya - WE'RE PLAYING THURS! (29th)

It's also breed of contempt's live debut :)

@ The Boardwalk ...We're the opening act about 8

If you havnt caught our new song and extra instrument then now's a good a time as any!

on the bill are-

Dyonisis + Breed of Contempt + Jam Rats

Nel x

05 Mar 2007

Free gig tomorrow!

Yup @ UTB - tomorrow being tue 6th

We're debuting a new song (so new we only named it yesterday) and new instrument. Playing with 4 other acts, 2 of em local, so it's damn good value for a night out. The bar's pretty reasonable too...

on the bill are-

Dyonisis + Snuff Fiction + New Project + Luntara + Karmanaut

Here's what they sound like-


It's free - Hurrah!

Nel :o)

PS cheers to those of you who listened into Sheffield live yesterday!

28 Feb 2007

March is a-comin'!

Heya all

Can't belive it's march allready! (well, nearly...) We've been soooo busy this year, i dont wanna jinx it but it's starting to look like a promising '07 ;)

As alot of you know we've been frantically finishing off the album. The artwork is in and finallised, all tracks bar one are mastered, just final cover layout and a bit of tweaking left to do! Prepare for the album launch...

...In the meantime here is what we're planning for march so far!

THIS SUNDAY 4th march... Our first ever radio interview!
Sheffield LIVE, Ryan Wright Presents... @ 11 am... www.sheffieldlive.org.uk

TUESDAY 6th march... Play FREE courtesy of NMRIH Promotions
Under the Boardwalk ... Dyonisis + Snuff Fiction + New Project + Luntara + Karmanaut

THURSDAY 29th march
Boardwalk with Breed of Contempt
More details tbc

Hope to see some friendly faces!
Take care

29 Jan 2007

We have a banner!







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