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31 Dec 2008

Get Foxed!

Get Foxed! @ The Snooty Fox
1 Brunswick St
Wakefield, WF1 4PW
Free Entry

Mentholman Promotions take the cream of Sheffield's unsigned (not sure how we ended up on the bill!) to Wakefield to play an epic alldayer. Drinks offers, cross-genre goodness and free entry to boot.

Line Up So Far:

1300 > 1330 Reform
1345 > 1415 Mae's Lost Empire
1430 > 1500 Anna and Tommy and band
1515 > 1545 TBA
1600 > 1630 Henry's Carpet Skip
1645 > 1715 Pockets Filled With Matches
1730 > 1800 Awooga
1815 > 1845 Important Looking Pirates
1900 > 1930 NCI
1945 > 2015 Trouble Breathing
2030 > 2100 Dyonisis
2115 > 2145 Cause of Denial

You may not know many of the bands, one of the greatest and most enjoyable aspects of the Mentholman all~day events is the chance to catch so many great but all too unknown acts.

The acts on the bill that I have allready seen live are ALL top quality...

Mae's Lost Empire ~ An interesting take on modern metal
Important Looking Pirates ~ Stong, female fronted pop~punk
Trouble Breathing ~ Slow, emotional, melancholic 3 piece with one of Sheffield's most interesting female vocalists

I've seen Anna & Tommy's "solo" show and it blew me away, so I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with a full band backing.

My bandmates have seen Cause of Denial and have said that they really enjoyed them so looking forward to that post~performance pint to them. :)

30 Dec 2008

Spot the deliberate mistake....Whoops!

As I've mentioned before, we had a bit of a slip~up with the running order of the e.p. and as a result the cd itself doesn't match the inlay... The inlay reads how we *intended* the order to be, much kicking ourselves in the head happened after realising that one...!

Despite the 4 of us reading and re~proof reading the inlay it took a surprisingly long time to discover that we'd also still got the credits for the guest musicians listed as appearing on track 7... This isn't some esoteric hidden track, it's what *would* have been track 7 had we still included the album2 preview track. Those of you blessed with more common sense than the 4 of us here in Dyonisis towers will put two and two together and note the blooming obvious and that it's actually track 6 (Rainy Day ~ Psychedelic Kitchen Sink Mix) which has the guests on it!

It's just as well we never managed to create any thin veneer of professionalism or we may have been in danger of denting it! Ah, you learn by your mistakes so rest assured that our knowledge is increasing rapidly!

Lastly, a massive thank you to those of you who have ordered a copy or attended the launch party. The outstanding orders are being sent off tomorrow and the atmosphere you helped to create at the party was awesome :)

We deeply and sincerely hope that you enjoy this limited edition, slightly off~the~wall release and we'll be back with a full album of fresh material as soon as we get it finalised. We're brimming with ideas and finally have the direction we want the production to take decided on.... We can't wait to take what we've learnt from the creation of this last release and go full steam into '09 with more music, it's what makes life worth living in our books!

12 Dec 2008

Blue Shift EP available for pre-order now...

The clue is in the name...

I feel like I'm never away from the keyboard blogging this week! I'll keep it short and sweetish this time ~ We've sorted out a paypal button so that you can have a listen to the ep sampler & if you decide that you like it, then you can pre~order yourself a copy for the princely sum of £4 by clicking here.

We'll post them off on the 20th, so they should arrive on the 22nd ~ the day after the launch. Of course this is Christmas so we can't promise, but it'll certainly mean that you get it before the new year which'll be the first opportunity post~launch to get a copy!

Apologies to our non~european buddys as this is a special uk & europe only release. It's a legal thing, we're not just being wierd. Or at least, not being annoyingly or deliberately wierd. I pray that for the rest of my days that I stay wierd, just interestingly & entertainingly so.....

See you at the launch!

11 Dec 2008

Sampler Uploaded!

If you go onto our Myspace profile page, you could be having a first listen to the tracks on the forthcoming ep!

Everything's on there except the cover, when Myspace has stopped being annoying (as if!) then I'll get onto adding a picture and shunting it up the player... But it seems I must wait for Myspace to have a bit of a "think" first!

Hope you enjoy!

08 Dec 2008

OK. Hands up. We may have lied somewhat...

Ever since we came up with the idea to do the EP, back in April, we planned to have one track as a preview of what we've got written so far for album 2. We were dead excited, so off I went and merrily blogged about it. The track itself changed but that didn't matter because we hadn't said what it was to be yet. Over the last few months this track made it into the set. We started saying how it was going to be on our next EP.... Can you see where I'm going with this yet?!?!

Yup! We bent ourselves backwards recording the blooming thing, tore out chunks of hair (and each other!) trying to get a good mix of it. Sent it to be mastered in time... But, you know, it just wasn't good enough. We believe in the song itself and it just seems a waste to chuck something out that's not up to scratch.

It doesn't do the song justice and ultimately dilutes the quality of the release. We were planning to re-record it for the album version anyway, so that you'd have something shiny and new come that time. But we wanted the jump up to "great album track" to start from "good preview track" not from "meh...". No-one wants a "meh..." album preview track!

So no album preview on the EP, whoops! But you do get 6 (count em!) other tracks and there's still a taster up on the myspace of Dead To Me should you feel the urge for summut new. Better still, come to one of the live shows where we play the track intended for the EP miles better than we can record it at the present moment!

Less than 2 weeks to go, if this is as close to disaster that we get, then I'll count myself happy :)

07 Dec 2008

More pics from Coventry....

These were taken back in august from when we supported Inkubus Sukkubus at Club Heresy. The photographer was David McKnight and he can be found here: http://www.davefishphotography.co.uk/main.html


05 Dec 2008

EP Launch Update.... Line up confirmed!

Over the past week or so we've forgotten what it's like to unfurl ourselves from our positions hunched around a computer, bickering about reverb levels, worrying about string samples, whether the songs are any good or not and panic re-recording the odd section.... But *finally* we finished the last of the mixing on Wednesday (to the sound of almighty sighs of relief) and returned blinking to our lives... Then realised that it's a freezing cold December, everyone's loosing their jobs, and really what we all wanted was a reight good knees~up.

A knees up where you don't have to pay to get it, where you get free icecream, where there are shiny things and people who enjoy listening to/making music. We'll invite our mates and tell them to bring theirs, we'll hold it in town in a newly opened small music venue, we'll put on our favourite dresses (still trying to talk the lads into this...) and invite two of our favourite local bands to share with us their creations to get us in the party mood. Then do a set ourselves, primarily of brand spanking new material but with a few old favourites and get two of Sheffield's most talented musicians to join in.

That's a lot to fit into a Sunday evening so it'll be early doors and Pretty Ripped will be kicking us off with their beautifully written and performed songs. Nothing's set in stone but this is looking to be about 7:30 and, believe me, you do not want to miss these guys, one of my favourite local acts of 2008.

Next up are Firesuite. I've seen them 3 times this year in various guises, each time got something different from the experience and I can't wait to hear what they're going to do in the 4th. Happy times....

We'll be bringing to the show guest musicians in the shape of Ashley Tuck, and Matt Howden aka Sieben. The things that these guys can do on their respective instruments needs to be seen live to be believed.

If all this sounds like too much breathless hyperbole then I assume you've never seen these acts before. This needs fixing.

You can treat your ears early here: http://www.myspace.com/prettyripped
and here: http://www.myspace.com/firesuitemusic

28 Nov 2008

Dyonisis in Acoustic Drummer Shock!

This sunday we're doing what was going to be our first ever acoustic show, until we were offered Wayne Hussey at the last minute, but that was electro acoustic so doesn't count. This will be our first ever *proper* acoustic show. Honest.

Here in Dyonisis Towers we're fans of doing something a bit different from time to time and so we've added in a bit of a first. Not one, but two live acoustic drummers! Some of you may have already seen the odd Dyonisis set with our rather talented friend, Ashley Tuck on electric kit drum.... The last time was at Woolstock, the next will be ur e.p. launch (you should come, it'll be awesome...!) In the meantime, seeing as we can't get enough of the fella, he'll be providing hand-rhythms on the endearingly spelled Djembe under one or two tracks for us on Sunday. As well as Ash we have our housemate, Katie Lee, on the just as lexographically interesting Bodhran. We're looking forward to doing a new take on old familier tunes, breaths of Africa and Ireland running through a pared-down, acoustic set... What could possibly go wrong?!?!?!


16 Nov 2008 - *** EP LAUNCH ***

Hello folks!

One could say that, as a band, we're not the most adept as getting our arses in gear... Fitting recording around jobs, personal disasters and Lou's prolonged bathroom encampments (what do you do in there my dear?!) can be challenging. It's great to be able to record at home however, because we get to do stuff like this....

Blue Shift EP is a limited edition collection of musical odds and ends that we wanted to do things with but never found the right home for, on either the last album or with what we're planning to put on the next. It was originally to be a stop-gap between albums but, being us, we got carried away and now it's become waaay past the length of a standard EP and we don't care one bit. It's the sound of us having fun playing around with writing, mixing, jamming and all the sonic gubbins you get to play with if you're lucky enough to be in a band.

With a surprise akin to opening our bathroom door and not finding lou the other side of it... We've finally set a date for the release! So clear your diary, don your dancing shoes and prise yourselves out of those winter blues... We're celebrating Yule this year with a shindig at the newly opened Stockroom, on Leadmill road (just next to the Leadmill spookily enough - just outside of sheff station opposite Spar, used to be called Censored).

More details will filter through as and when we get confirmations but we already have an opening act... The beautiful sounds of local songstresses Pretty Ripped will be setting the scene early (it is a Sunday after all). A live rendition of the ep from us featuring guest musicians with possibly the most talented drummer and violinist in Sheffield (no mean feat in this city...). There will be DJing after our set and, obviously the chance to get a first listen to the new offering ~ all hand numbered by my good self!

If that wasn't treat enough, we're going to prove that we're not too soft to face the challenges of winter and give away free icecream... Yes *free icecream* from the wonderfully ethically minded folk at Hope Valley... And if that isn't enough cow-caring for you we have the deliciously vegan Sweedish Glace. We're not even going to charge you to get in!

Lets come together on the 21st to freeze our mouths, warm our hearts (cos it's ethical innit!) indulge our ears, test our livers, and generally have a jolly good time despite the winter, despite the fact that we're broke, despite the fact that LOU IS STILL IN THE BATHROOM & OTHERS *MAY* NEED TO USE IT....! This will be the gig to end 2008 on, we promise.......

Here's the science....

WHEN: 21st Dec 2008
WHERE: The Stockroom ~ http://www.myspace.com/stockroomsheff
WHO: Dyonisis + Pretty Ripped + Very Special Guests + DJ
~ http://www.myspace.com/prettyripped
WHAT: Blue Shift EP Launch, Yule Celebration, General Knees-Up
WHY: Because live music, free ice-cream and nights out with friends are 3 of the best things in the world. Fact.

...Did I mention that it's free entry??! ;)

11 Nov 2008

Our last "full" gig of the year!!! ~ £1 Entry ~

Misery of Sound Promotions are trialling a new night of the more ethereal end of live gothic music at the Blue Room in Blackpool and we're one of the first guinea-pig bands to play it. We hope to bring as many folk as possible to make the night a success... Too many live music events fold these days and we want to help reverse that decline...

For the princely sum of £1 there will be a live set from Dyonisis + an unconfirmed support act + Dj Grimly Fiendish and Decium playing Goth/Alt/Industrial/Darkwave and more....

If anyone lives in this neck of the woods, please come and show your support for this new underground night, bring your mates and we'll have a good old boogie on our last full band gig of 2008...!

See you there!

06 Nov 2008


We're very sad to announce that this weekend's Gothica festival at Eddies in Birmingham is now cancelled... We're absolutely gutted about this.

The silver lining is that it will be back, bigger and stronger next year. Something special to start your gigs of the year off with i can assure you...

Please pass this on to anyone you know who may have had plans to attend.

Very sorry and hope to see you soon

PS ~ Our next gig is 20th Nov at The Blue Room, Blackpool courtesy of Misery of Sound.... It's only £1 and it will be stunning xx

26 Oct 2008

Supporting Wayne Hussey
Current mood: excited

Short notice i know, but we're thrilled to announce that we've been asked to support the legendary Wayne Hussey on the Sheffield leg of his solo tour at the Carling Academy this Friday 31st October.

We're playing our first ever acoustic set, which is mildy terrifying, but we pretty exited none the less.

Tickets are priced £15 and available from http://www.sheffieldacademy.co.uk/. If you're free this friday then we'd very much appreciate your support for this one, and it promises to be an excellent evening. Please note that door are 6:30pm so get down early!

17 Oct 2008

EP musings...

Hello all,

It's late and it's Friday night and the chances are i should have more common sense than to write a blog in this particular slice of the week but there we go, funny what alcohol and internet access can do to a person.

We're finally making some headway with the ep and, true to form, we seem to be spending forever chasing our own tails. But however characteristically late we are being, we're quite liking what's happening.There's only one tune completely vocaless and that's because i forgot we were going to put it on. Funny what alcohol and a selective memory can do to a person.

There's one tune that's built around an acoustic guitar sound that I particularly like at the moment. The joy of doing this ep is being able to do a few new things. We've a live drummer playing an electronic kit on a reworking of an old song, and a very talented individual he is too.

The whole idea at first was to do a small release for anyone who might be interested in what we're up to between albums. Time seems to get the better of us, as always, and (*if* we get the album 2 sorted on schedule) it shouldn't be long between the two releases. One of the tracks is going to be a preview of an album track because we like it lots and why not really. Those of you that have been to any gigs in the last couple of months should have a good idea of which it is (it's the one i'm still trying to learn to sing!) Funny what enthusiasm and access to a microphone can do to a person.

We're going to press on and carry on recording once the ep's done and get some of these new songs down. We're finally getting to the point where we're starting to agree on what should go where how (as the blue moon rises over the hills). Hope you like it, I hope it turns out good.

So the ep, yes.

Fingers crossed it should be a limited run of songs comprising of one-off tracks for the ep only, an album preview track and a reworking of an older track with guest musicians. Like muesli only more tasty.

It'll be a small release, limited edition and called Blue Shift, and the cover should look like this:

I should post a track listing or some lyrics or something but it feels like i've been typing forever and knowing my luck it'll all change the moment i write it down. So i'm not going to. Funny what alcohol and a waning desire to be awake can do to a person.

ps -: the snowflake was done by a guy called Fred Widall. The orginal can be found here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/fwwidall/2277770644/ He has lots of pictures of snowflakes and water droplets. One of his snowflake pictures has a shape in it that looks just like a hominid. Very nice they are too.

viva la trip-hop-rock-disco!

14 Oct 2008

10 Goth Vids For Free Download ~ Great Stuff :)

Kev from TWF has produced his first video Podcast, and a proper treat it is too. Below is what the TWF Blog has to say on the subject.....


It's available for stream or download (pre-warning, large file!)

I'm gonna suggest that parental guidance is recommended. This video contains copious amounts of kick-ass music, but also some scenes that may be unsuitable for young children or wusses.

There are a few bands in here you might not know - well, once you've watched the video, you'll know them - ha!

OK - here's the tracklist...

Dyonisis – Hunter
Alice Sweet Alice – Broken Heart of a Winter Night
Keller Kinder – She Likes the Candle Burning
Big Boy – Hail the Big Boy
616 Abortions – Welcome back to Hell
Angelspit – Vena Cava
XP8 – The Art of Revenge
G.I.E.Z – Gothic Engel
Freudstein – Return to the Old Forrest
Goth Town – To the End of Time

All videos are used with prior permission gained.

Check it out - http://www.clickcaster.com/kev36663

23 Sep 2008

Godamn Superstar, Official Marilyn Manson Tribute to hit Shef!

Godamn Superstar, Official European Marilyn Manson Tribute band (recognised by Manson himself, good friend of the singer) is bringing the dark atmosphere of Antichrist Superstar to Sheffield's Casbah... Let Dyonisis lure you into an ethereal state of intoxication before GS hit you with the most loyal reproduction of the infamously shocking show........ THIS Sunday 28th Sept, 2008


08 Sep 2008

Reduced Tickets :)

Just a quick note to say that we have some reduced tickets for Oct 24th... £5 each.

Just click the button on our MySpace profile and you're done!

For those that need reminding, we're playing with Lahannya at Sheffield's Corporation and it will be awesome. It will sound awesome, it will look awesome, you will come away with that light in your eyes* that only those who have witnessed something containing that much awe ever truly obtain (and too few ever get to experience...)


*incidentally the shade of pure, distilled awesome

28 Aug 2008

Continuing the "us in videos" theme....

This was recorded at the SOPHIE memorial gig in May. I thought that I'd stuck it up but evidently not!

23 Aug 2008

We’re in TWF !

It's been a while since the last TWF and with UnScene being on hiatus things haven't been looking good for Gothfanzines... But we've been rewarded the wait with a bumper glossy 46 page epic + free CD :)

There's a review of our album (9/10 ~ whoooo!) as well as a couple of live reviews. Fellow Sheffield band Cobwebs also get a look in!

On the cover there's the legendary Christian Death whom are back after a gap much longer than planned! Discussing fab new album 'American Inquisition'

They're not the only legends in the mix. They also have Cassandra Complex and James Rays' 25 Men!

Two of the strongest modern UK bands, Uninvited Guest and Voices of Masada discuss their newest releases. Uninvited Guest also unveil their line-up, perhaps the most visually striking in the UK Goth scene.

The international bands also have a good shout.... Zombie Girl (ex-Icon of Coil) Jesus on Extasy (who claim to be the future of industrial music) Ashbury Heights (The fastest signed band ever?!) and Leandra (somewhat deranged Belarusian pianist...) fly the flag abroad.

Also included are UK minnows Lucy's Drowning.

But there's more - yes, more... an article on the Public Image of Personal Image, Reviews of Woolstock and Amalgamation Festivals and Kev's diary of his week in Romania are but further samples of the treats in store...

On the CD... Uninvited Guest, Jesus on Extasy, Christian Death, Zombie Girl, ASP, L'ame Immortelle, All Living Fear and much much more...

Buy it here.

09 Aug 2008

Compilation = Celebration :)

It's compilation central here in Dyonisis Towers, first Entwined (free download see below), then Ferocity and Femininity (in aid of Cancer Research UK and Macmillan)

And now we've been featured on a sampler compiled by Sonic Cathedral... And it arrived today :) It's really exciting to see us featured alongside so many established bands, you can get hold of a copy at one of our gigs or from the SC website (link below)


Here's the track listing and blurb from the SC site...

Sonic Cathedral & partners present the much anticipated follow up to the 2005 compilation release "Sirens" entitled "A World of Sirens". This affordable 2 cd release features 32 bands from 13 different countries offering a diverse collection of AOR, Rock, Metal, Extreme Metal, Beauty n Beast Metal, Theatrical metal?... It's all here, and more than a few bands are guaranteed to catch your attention. This compilation is not about Nightwish or Lacuna Coil *See Beautiful Voices*, it is about discovering perhaps the next great band that still remains unnoticed.

"Discovering new bands & their music along with keeping the release affordable is what we wished to produce, and I think we have done quite a nice job bringing together some very diverse bands into one affordable compilation." *John Wolff / Sonic Cathedral*

Welcome to A WORLD OF SIRENS circa 2008

CD 1:

After Forever - Equally Destructive
Ebony Ark - Ecstasy
Stolen Babies - Tall Tales
Cardamon - When Space & Time Collide
Shadowside - Highlight
Bloodflowerz - The Last Dance
Brave - Hold On
Unexpect - Meet me at the Carrousel
Markize - Another Breath
Agua de Annique - Beautiful One
Sylver Myst - Devoted Yet Unable
A New Dawn - Veil of Charity
Anadies - Unseen
Dendura - Isis
Ancestral Legacy - Chosen Destiny
Pin-Up Went Down - Get Ready to Sweep

CD 2:

Diablo Swing Orchestra - Balrog Boogie
Epica - Sancta Terra
La-Ventura - Trefoil
Witchbreed - Brotherhood of Fang & Claw
Chaoswave - Rise
Gwyllion - Trinity
Phoenix Reign - Masquerade Angel
Dead-End Track - Sun to Fall
Dylath-Leen - The Awakening
Skeptical Minds - Skeleton Key
Echoes of Eternity - Voices in a Dream
Akphaezya - The Bottle of Lie
Adastreia - The Reach
Dyonisis - Hunter
Ayin Aleph - Valpurgis Night
Dremora - Martyrs & Madmen

Price: $10.00

Purchase from here:

04 Aug 2008

Photos From InkSuk gig @ Club Heresy

We had an awesome time in Coventry... These pics were taken by a fellow at the gig called Antony. His flickr profile has some lovelly ones of Inkubus Sukkubus and Killing Ophelia too....

25 Jul 2008

Charity Compilation CD ~ Ferocity and Femininity ~ OUT NOW

Hi all,

Dyonisis have been featured on a charity compilation of female fronted dark music titled Ferocity And Femininity. It's a collaborative effort courtesy of the hard working denizens of the Femme Metal Webzine. There's some proper gems on there:

1. Adastreia - The Reach
2. Hanging Doll - Sweet Retribution
3. Submerged - This Thing Of Darkness
4. AraPacis - So Many Leapers
5. Fateless Tears - Mesmerized
6. hAND - I Find Myself
7. Dremora - Alone
8. Maida Vale - Remote Control
9. Dendura - Symphony
10. Celticia - Misshaped Scenes
11. Afterdawn - Top Of Occasions
12. Temujin - Let You Go
13. Dyonisis - Xact
14. Liquid Sky - Ghost In The Shell
15. Ancestral Legacy - Disclosed

A preview album sampler can be heard here.

Price: £5.99 ~ Profits to go to Macmillan Cancer Support and Cancer Research UK & can ordered from here.

Good cause, good tunes... Can't knock it really. Please have a serious consider of buying this.

19 Jul 2008

Whitby April ’08 Piccys

Yeah, I know it's been a while and everyone is gearing up for the big October weekend but here's some photos that have been brought to our attention recently... Courtesy of Simon Stacey.


15 Jul 2008

New tracks to be recorded and performed...

Howdy All!

Things have been moving on a bit here and there so I thought I'd post a bit of an updatey in the vague hope that someone out there might give a rats derriere...

In addition to being featured on the free download album mentioned in the last post, a different track of ours will be on the soon-to-be-released compilation - "Ferocity and Femininity" This was a collaborative effort between members of the Femme Metal Webzine Forum (a place I can occasionally be found wandering around muttering about how Skunk Anansie should never have split up). No prizes for guessing that all the acts are female fronted, there's a diverse range of gems on here however, not just in the Femme Metal vernacular (we're on it for a start) and proceeds are going to two cancer charities. Here's a picture to prove it:

Told you!

In other news this week, Dyonisis have finally pulled their collective fingers out and have started work recording their forthcoming e.p. This time we promise not to take 3 years of claiming to be doing something before coming up with a release! It'll be a limited edition jobbie and only available in Europe (for legal reasons n shiznit). I'd like to stress that THIS IS NOT THE NEW ALBUM... It's more of a "B-sides & rareities" idea featuring:

  • Some remixes (good ones featuring respectable guest musicians and the like).
  • A track we usually only ever do live.
  • One which we've never performed before (providing it doesn't sound lame once we've recorded it).
  • And an album preview track (currently our favourite new song off the upcoming album).
  • There might even be a live drummer in places *shock horror*.


We've got a gig on Thursday. It's in Sheffield and we thought that it'd be the perfect time to up the ante and perform a completely new track, one that's never been performed or recorded outside of rehearsals. Anyone who's met me over the last week or so will already know this as I've been fretting about the fact that, in a fit of insanity, I decided to write a really tricky vocal part that would sound awesome if sung by say, Skin, but not necessarily by a Nel... Still, it's good to push oneself...!

We're also doing a non-acapella version of Pretty at a Distance for a bit of variety.

Thursday. At the Cremorne. We're headlining. Here's a picture to prove it:

Told you too!

10 Jul 2008

Free download compilation

ENTWINED - Free Compilation Download by the good folks at Dark Mourning Promotions & Heresy Promotions (Gothic / Rock / Metal / Electronic / Industrial / Ambient / Extreme)

Featuring a free track from ourselves alongside 25 upcoming bands for your enjoyment! It's well worth a listen and it lives here.

19 June 2008


Our first video is now up in the Videos section - go and see now!

11 Jun 2008 ~ Fab’n’Kinky @ TJ’s ~ UN-CANCELLED!!!

We're happy to let you all know that this gig is now back on again!!

We are sorry to have to tell you that Fab'n'kinky has folded, and so our gig on the 13th of September in Newport has been cancelled.

All the best to the FnK team, we hope they'll be back on their feet in no time.

07 May 2008


...Was awesome! Thanks to everyone who made it down to the Spa so early, we never expected to see so many folk there, it made everything even better! Thanks also to the crew who squeezed us in a soundcheck despite time pressures and our place on the bill. The rest of the festy was much fun if a little of a blur! We had much fun running around catching bands, dancing at the Met, getting v soggy and building sandcastles... Life doesn't get much better really!

Whilst we were there we came up with an idea to release an EP. We've been asked a lot about our next album and, although we're a fair way through it, knowing us it'll be next year before we come close to releasing it proper! In the meantime, for those of you after some new Dyonisis, we're thinking of releasing an EP... Expect previews of forthcoming album tracks, material exclusive to this release, reworkings of old tracks (in a meaningful way, not just a cheap remix!), a cover, multimedia files and, for those of you who badger on about our lack of a drummer, maybe a guest musician (or two!)

Watch this space..........

02 May 2008

Dyonisis to play London - Dyonisis to play Electrowerkz

We are pleased to announce that we will be returning to London for the summer solstice. Our good friends Lahannya have asked for us to join them on a bill at the Electrowerkz. We played with Lahannya on the Emilie Autumn Dates last year and are very delighted to be playing with them again. Cryogenica are opening.

Tickets can be obtained directly from us @ £7 each or 4 for £6 Just email us at band@dyonisis.info and we'll sort you out Entry to the gig includes entry to the Legendary Slimelight, Goth and Industrial club running until 7.30 am.We're aiming to run a minibus from Sheffield too.

19 Apr 2008

S.O.P.H.I.E Memorial gig - May 9th (pls repost)

For those of you who are unaware. Sophie Lancaster was kicked to death during a brutal attack on her and her partner as they walked home one night in their home town of Bacup, Lancashire. Her partner was put into a coma. The reason why they were singled out for this horrific attack was because they were different, belonging to the gothic subculture.

Sophie's family have set up a memorial fund to campaign for a change in the law so that murders such as this get classified as Hate Crimes. Putting the punishments available in the law on a par with those for racism and homophobia. Attacks like this are all too common, i can't think of anyone belonging to a subculture that hasn't been attacked, threatened or verbally abused as a direct result of their chosen form of self-expression.

The memorial's aims are to provide an appropriate memorial; a lasting legacy to raise awareness of the injustice perpetrated against Sophie Lancaster and to work towards a more tolerant, less violent society.

S.O.P.H.I.E Stands for:
Stamp Out Prejudice Hatred and Intolerance Everywhere

There is now a HALIFAX bank account under the name:

SOPHIE's Memorial Fund
Account number 00458724 sort code 11-06-44 which can be used to make a donation or in which to deposit any funds raised from events.

The issues raised by the tragic loss of Sophie are relevant across subcultures and genres. Not just Goths. Please repost this blog/bulletin and help in whatever way you can.

Dyonisis are playing a memorial gig on the 9th of May along with Novus UK, Joolz Denby, and NYAAA (New York Alcoholic Anxiety Attack). The venue is Corporation Nightclub, Sheffield. Tickets are £5 available from either Corporation Box Office (http://www.corporation.org.uk) or from Novus and Dyonisis. If you live in the area please come down and show your support for the family and the cause they are carrying through.

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02 Apr 2008

Video & Photoshoot.

Last weekend we started filming for our first "proper" video. True to the law of the sod the heavens opened and we spent 12hrs being very cold and wet in our stage clothes... Most of it in the rather blustery peak district! Has it rained in this part of the world since? Has it heck... In fact the next day was brilliant sunshine...

Things we have learnt since last weekend:

  • If there's a weather god she has a peverse sense of humour.
  • Onions from Netto are crap.
  • Trying to fog up the great outdoors with the world's smallest smoke machine doesnt work.
  • Petrol and fire have a very tenacious grip on each other once they get going.
  • After struggling to get a generator over a rocky stream, only then will you realise that there is a very accessable carpark on the other side.
  • We have the hand to eye co-ordination of a bunch of drunken three year olds.
  • When wandering up to your significant other to repeatedly headbut them repeating the mantra "coffeecoffeecoffeecoffee..." Check that the man they are talking to is not the park ranger, checking that you are behaving responsibly in his bit of national park.
  • Nel has the world's campest umbrella.
  • Adders live in the Peak District.
  • Lou takes 6 hours to put on eyeshadow.
  • Nel's skirts can hold three times her body weight in water and brambles.
  • The above will not leave her very cheerful, in fact the phrase "sense of humour bypass" springs to mind.
  • Tom has all the health and safety instincts of a depressed lemming.
  • If you want to visit a pub in the peaks be prepared to take out a mortgage.
  • It might look like a stepping stone... But it's lying.

Thanks to Jesse & Gareth of Strongarm Media for all the work they've put in, Jamie Hughes from Image23 for coming along and making it so that we finally have some up to date pictures of the band (although having to admit that some of us have got older and wider isn't too good!) and to Matt, Ash and Daps for being utter stars for driving us out there, holding umbrellas over equipment, lugging around generators etc and generally being stars.

Hopefully we'll have a finished product in a month's time or there abouts but in the meantime here's the first picture we've had back off Jamie:


01 Mar 2008

Interview in Unscene Magazine!

Unscene is UK based glossy A4 mag devoted to Gothic/Dark Alternative music and culture. We were lucky enough to be asked for an interview for the latest issue :)

Other bands interviewed this issue include - The Ghost of Lemora, Sins of the Flesh, Pride and Fall, Lahannya, Novus UK, Machinegun Symphony, Jesus Complex, James D. Stark and Phanatos. There's also The Secret Language of the Cemetery, Anne Sudworth, Steampunk Fashions, CD and Live reviews! All wrapped up in 52 glossy A4 pages!

This issue also comes with a fantastic free 15 track CD featuring - The Ghost of Lemora, Uninvited Guest, Sins of the Flesh, Jesus Complex, William Besson, The Eternal Fall, Vlad in Tears, Spares, Life's Decay, The Pussybats, History of Guns, Machinegun Symphony, My Beloved Death, Godyva and Tylean.

There's also tons of reviews (including one of our album!) and live reviews galore of the many events that have gone off over the last few months for those of you unfortunate enough to have missed them.

Issues cost £3.50 (excluding postage) and are available from the Unscene Website at http://www.animespresso.com/unscene

18 Feb 2008

Dyonisis Bassist and the New Model Army Remix

For those who don't already know Marcus also produces and records as well as playing bass in Dyonisis , Sweat Bees (with Nel, www.myspace.com/sweatbees), Sunchaser (www.myspace.com/sunchasersheffield) and making ambient electronica under the banner Goblin Productions (www.myspace.com/goblinproductions).

His latest non-Dyonisis project has been a remix of "All Consuming Fire" by New Model Army for an online competition run by Mushroom.com.(NMA are my favourite band EVER)
The winner is decided on a listener Vote. You can hear his effort and the other 59 finalists here.

I'm listed under my alias "The Goblin King" about two thirds down the list,
and if you feel it's worth voting for please do.

27 Jan 2008

Dead To Me

Dyonisis are currently locked away beginning the process of writing our next album, and here's the first peek of it, a rough demo of a song called Dead to Me. A few of you may have heard it live a the most recent gigs, but for everyone else its up on our profile now. Have a listen and we hope you enjoy.

Tom & Dyonisis

23 Jan 2008

Dyonisis to play Gotham 9 !!!

The infamous Gotham festival is back!

for more info and special reduced-rate tickets just e-mail us
Dyonisis x

14 Jan 2008

Dyonisis on the cover CD of Alternative Magazine

The nice people at alternative magazine have been kind enough to feature Dyonisis on the cover mounted CD of the latest issue, on shelves now.

Also featuring Nightwish on the cover, alongside Bullet for my Valentine, Apocalyptica, Machine Head, Gary Numan, The Birthday Massacre, ASP, Cradle of Filth, Deviant UK, Psyche and a whole host of other great bands it really is well worth a read.

More information and stockist available at http://www.alternativemag.co.uk







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