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23 October 2009

"Gothic Visions" CD & DVD release.

We're thrilled to be able to write and tell you that we're included on the "Gothic Visions" CD & DVD release! There's a blooming superb spread of bands [which I'll post below!] contributing both a pure audio AND a video :D

The Compilation will be released on October 9th 2009 through Echozone/EDEL Records in Germany. The DVD-only version will be part of the limited edition of the next Crawling Tunes magazine, released in November 2009.

The DVD has been on in our house pretty much constantly since our copy arrived through the post. It really is a quality release & I'm hugely proud & flattered to be included :)


Funhouse ~ The Second Coming
Whispers in The Shadow ~ Babylon Rising (Ice Ages Remix)
In My Rosary ~ Hypocrazy
Downstairs Left ~ The Rose
Denight ~ Glimpse
Hyde ~ Schlaf
Children On Stun ~ Hollow
Place4Tears ~ Dream Sequence / No Doubt You're Murdered
Andreas Gross ~ Stone Thrower (Radio Edit)
Derriere Le Miroir ~ Alibis
Dawn Of Oblivion ~ Father
Golden Apes ~ Maria (A Face Of History)
DIE! ~ Lüg mich an
Reactive Black ~ We Don't Die
Star Industry ~ Forever
Wayne Hussey ~ Garden Of Delight
Dr.Arthur Krause ~ Black Hard Hands
Dead Guitars ~ Blue
Descendants Of Cain ~ Transcendence
Saints Of Eden ~ One
Vendemmian ~ Seen Enough
Eigensinn ~ Feuerengel
goJA Moon ROCKAH ~ Jetzt kommt die Nacht (TSBF-KRTECH-Remix)
Bionic ~ It Doesn't Matter (Alternate Version)
Specimen ~ Beauty Of Poison
Spiritua; Maze ~ Your Skin
Vets Insanity ~ Rotten Crown
Shirayas Dream ~ Last Day of Paradise
Minusheart ~ Feel No Pain (fxs Minusheart Rework)

The Beauty Of Gemina ~ This Time
Saints Of Ruin ~ Dying Time
Verney 1826 ~ Anne (Edit feat. Anna Aliena)
Ding An Sich ~ Strength
The Eternal Fall ~Into A Dream
MAV ~ Diane's Dream
Glimmer Void ~ Ans Still There is Silence
New Risen ~ Blood Party
The Ghost Effect ~ My Black Regret
The Mist of Avalon ~ Sacrifice
The Daughters Of Bristol ~ Woman At The Side
R.D.S.K. ~ Apocalypse Of Mind
Fear of Dolls ~ She Was Laughing
Dyonisis ~ Let Go
Ancient Tundra ~ Land Of The Midnight Sun
Shirayas Dream ~ Nibiru
The Raven ~ One Last Time


The Mist of Avalon ~ Helpless Little Friend
Place4Tears ~ Tears Of Avalon
Star Industry ~ Last Crusades
Andreas Gross ~ Stone Thrower
The Golden Apes ~ Remedy
The Beauty Of Gemina ~ This Time
Spiritual Maze ~ Living on the Edge
Dyonisis ~ Hunter
Verney 1826 ~ Ordo Fractum Minorum
Reactive Black ~ Doom
Descendants Of Cain ~ Breakdown
Saints Of Eden ~ Price Ya Gotta Pay
No Comment ~ Silver Skull
Minusheart ~ Feel No Pain
Waving Not Drowning ~ Twists And Turns
goJA Moon ROCKAH ~ Hier kommt die Nacht
Andreas Gross ~ False Prophets
Place4Tears ~ September's Breath
The Raven ~ One Last Time
Dr.Arthur Krause ~ Under Silver Moon
New rAge Project ~ Geheimnis
Madeline Le Roy feat. Amber ~ Wuthering Heights
New Risen ~ Dark Winter
Vendemmian ~ Starter For Ten
The Eternal Fall ~ Angsthaus
Ancient Tundra ~ And Silence Finally Prevails

Golden Apes ~ Ferryman
Wayne Hussey feat. Dead Guitars ~ Butterfly On A Wheel
Dr.Arthur Krause ~ Breaking In Two
Specimen ~ Alive At The Batcave
Spiritual Maze ~ Pain
The Ghost Effect ~ Say No
Whispers In The Shadow ~ Killing Time
Dead Guitars feat. Wayne Hussey ~ Isolation


For full information click here.

10 September 2009

Dyonisis into December

Some of you already know, but Lou is leaving us for France in December. Being the kind of people that only ever do things once a deadline has panicked us into action, we've decided it's time to pull our collective fingers out and get Intoxicated recorded for the end of November (meeeeeeeeeeep...) We'll then spend a month mixing it down...

Lou doesn't return until the end of March so we are now playing out the last few gigs until at least April next year. We'll return with an album to launch and itchy gig feet however!

So if you want to see us before next Spring then please ponder the following dates and see if we can send off 2009 with a BANG :D

05 August 2009

Hi ~ gigs ~ album info :)

Just a quick note to let you all know that we're looking forward to rather awesome weekend playing Leeds then York this Fri & Sat.

Leeds on the 7th is at the Subculture as part of Friday Flock. Opening are the rather superb Violet Vortex. Gig atarts at 6!

Playing York's Junction as part of Darklands on the 8th. Opening are Spekulus :)

Both dates feature awesome clubnights afterwards so it sets to be a fantastic weekend!!!

In other news...

It shouldn't be long before we have another mailing~list only track to give you. We've been in the studio of Dan (our engineer) recording some alternative versions to two of the upcoming album tracks. We just need to put the last of the vocals on and we're good to go. Hopefully you'll enjoy them as something a bit different and as a "thank you" for signing up to the list.

Intoxicated (our next album proper) is being put back slightly into 2010 as opposed to 2009 as originally planned. Lou is going away for a few months at the end of this year/start of next. The plan is to have everything recorded by the end of November and to spend the time she's away mixing it down.

The good news is that it'll make us set a launch date and have to stick to it! As soon as we know what date's she'll be gone, we'll set our launch date :)

See you soon

31 July 2009

Join us for the Sonic Rock Harvest!

You are invited to come with us on a psychedelic adventure this September as we celebrate the Sonic Rock Harvest :)

Held at the beautiful Lantern theatre, Sheffield, opening act Dreamspirit will set the atmosphere with sumptuous eastern Arabic/Asian influenced electronica with a political undercurrent.

Doctor Hasbeen (I presume) will up up the tempo with some brilliant progressive space rock. Tobe followed by Dyonisis (us!) preparing the ground for Aurora ~ who supported the Ozric Tentacles in 2008 ~ bringing their own take on trance.

Headlining are Flutatious to cap the night with up tempo~psychedelic landscapes, groovy beats with a Celtic flavour.

It should be one hell of a ride!


21 July 2009

Missing out on M'era Luna?!

Never fear ~ two fabulous gigs here in the UK!!!

OK ~ so we're *not quite* the same but these promise to be great night's out none~the~less :)

First up,on 7th Aug we get to play friday flock with the fabulous Violet Vortex. We shared a stage last year and they were superb so I'm excited to see them again :)

Then on the 8th Aug we travel across to York to play Darklands with Spekulus.

Both these gigs are set to RULE so come and have fun with us :D

~ Nel x

21 July 2009

Pictures from The Birthday Massare Gig

On Corporation's website! click here


14 July 2009

Info regarding The Birthday Massacre gig tomorrow...

Just got a call from Corp...

Due to problems at the venue, we'll be going onstge a shade later than planned & doing a slightly shorter set. We'll be on at 8:30 which isn't too bad, just later than what i was telling everyone before! If you wouldn't mind passing this on to anyone you may know who's going I'd be grateful, thanks :)

See you tomorrow!
Nel x

11 July 2009

New reviews

HERE: http://gravgang.blogg.no/


02 July 2009

The Birthday Massacrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre!!!

I'm still running around the ceiling from this news so i'll be brief...


Tis on the 15th of July, Corporation Nightclub, Sheffield.... We're opening the main stage for the first time and can't bloomin wait!

More info: click here

30 June 2009

Sonic Harvest Tickets Now Available

Paypal link: click here

19 June 2009

* ~ Photos from Last Night ~ *

A rather good photographer named Martin Kessel came to our gigs at JBs2 lastnight in Dudley :)

He took some great pictures which can be seen here: www.kessel.co.uk

14 June 2009

Exclusive Track

Hello folks!

As per our promise, there's an exclusive download available at http://www.reverbnation.com/dyonisis.

This was recorded at the Lantern Theatre in Sheffield where we played an acoustic set for Sieben's album launch. the track can be played or downloaded, all you need to do is joint our mailing list below to access.

The track's called Inside Out. The full electronic version was originally destined to be on our Blue Shift e.p. as a preview of the next album but it didn't quite polish up the way we would have liked so scratched it at the last minute!

The next album incidentally is shaping up nicely... We're finishing off the last few songs, getting final structures in place, arguing over production techniques and all the other joyous things there are to fight over when doing something like this ;)

Today we finally finished fighting over artwork and, as the dust settles, turn our thoughts towards the coming gigs. Full listings as they stand now are on the main page... If you fancy making it to any then don't hesitate to come and say *hi* we really appreciate you signing up to this list and whilst I can't promise extracting any sense out of us when in post~gig mode, it's always worth a try!

Take care and enjoy the summer while it's still here :)

27 May 2009


MySpace, in it's infinite wisdom, has now broken links to PayPal. As an unsigned band, this is where 99% of our CD sales come from... So we're far from amused

On the otherhand, it's still possible to buy our cds eother from CDBaby or this link: http://www.dyonisis.info/discography.htm


25 May 2009

Photos from Eddies!

Some pics from our gig with Lahannya last week at Eddies, taken by Mr Martin Kessel... Roll on Thursday so we can do it all over again :D

Here: http://www.facebook.com/l/;www.martinkessel.net

19 May 2009

* * * THIS THURS * * *

I hope all is well whichever world your brain inhabits today... Today started a bit grumbly due to the weather but then Istarted to get really excited for this Thursday... It's our gig with Lahannya and Tin Omen and it's going to be incredible :)

As i'm sure you all know, the venue's been changed to Eddies in Birmingham and, even better, the tickets now include FREE ENTRY to the clubnight afterwards... It's a request based night so *you* get to dictate the tunes!

Best wishes to everyone and hope to see you soon!
Nel :)

14 May 2009

Mailing list

Hey all,

Probably something we should have done a long time ago, but we've properly arranged the Dyonisis email list. There's a link below to add yourself and we'll keep you updated with news, shows, new songs as well as some exclusive song downloads.

Just enter your address, you know you want to!


07 May 2009


What is it with us and gigs in Brum eh?!

From Lahannya HQ:

"I wanted to keep you up-to-date with what is happening right now. Unfortunately I yesterday got a message from Craig at The Flapper saying that they double-booked themselves for the 21st May. Apparently they have an annually happening local gig that they’d forgotten about until recently but that takes priority for them. I am extremely unhappy about the situation and made him aware of the fact that there are several bands on the bill, that advertising, posters and flyers had gone out and that tickets had been sold on Ticketline, Seetickets, MusicNonStop, the Lahannya online shop as well as by Dyonisis."

Now for the good news...

Lahannya has managed to sort a new venue in record time!

Gough St
B1 1HN

We will be there with a~vengeance!

09 Apr 2009

ON a more cheerful note...

We did a photoshoot earlier this month with Gordie Clavil ~ Source Photography.

We were blooming cold but mercifully not as soggy as the last time we attempted anything like that!

Here's some of the results...(click on the thumbnails below to see the fullsize image)...

[Source Photography © Gordie Cavill]

01 Apr 2009

!! Important ~ If You Have a CD On Order From Us !!

Twice lately we've had cases of people ordering CDs off us and the payment has gone through to our PayPal account but we've received no email notification of payment along with the shipping info.

As a result some orders we've not sent due to being completely unaware that they've been made!

If you're one of these people or have had a CD on order for longer than a week without receiving anything then please send us a message and we'll check to see if we've had a payment through with no notification again. Obviously we'll try and get the discs out to you as soon as possible!

This only applies to direct orders from the UK and Europe. If you're going through CD Baby then there should be no problem.

Sorry ~ hopefully the system will fix itself soon!

21 Mar 2009

Just a bit of an update...


I've been spending the last few weeks wrestling with FaceBook and I'd like to try and get our songs up on our band page but to no avail... I don't know if it's the new layout being buggy or my incompetence or both!

Anyway... Should you fancy a listen or wish to dedicate a song to a friend then all our tracks from the first album can be found here: http://www.ilike.com/artist/Dyonisis

In other news... And apologies to those of you not in the UK... We have a few gigs coming up in May with none other than Lahannya...

First up is Birmingham on the 21st
It's at The Flapper (fka Flapper & Firkin)
Also on the bill are Tin Omen
Tickets are £6 adv incl booking fee or £5 direct from us...

...Just send me a message and I'll get on it.

Click here for the Event Page.

Then a week later on the 28th we're off to sunny Manchester!
Satan's Hollow
+Screams of Cold Winter
Again, £6 adv incl booking fee
or £5 direct from us

Click here for the Event Page.

Hope you all have a great weekend, I'm planning one full of going to gigs and letting my hair down :)

Nel x

PS ~ Feel free to add me on FaceBook under "Nel Dyonisis" It might make getting hold of those cheaper tickets easier!

16 Mar 2009

Interview :)

Firestorm Media sent us some questions not so long ago and if you're interested in Nel's witterings about the band then follow this link and peruse at your leisure.


Mick Mercer's New Book... Music To Die For...

Cherry Red Books £17.99

Mick Mercer's fifth book concerning Goth has now arrived and is out now ~ and we're in it!

MUSIC TO DIE FOR is 624 pages long, containing individual entries on 3,581 different bands, from 70 countries, with 183 photos. It covers bands from the beginning of these scenes to the present day and, wherever possible, contains full line-up details and discographies as well as unusual facts revealed by many of the bands. This is the biggest guide ever printed about the underground scenes in which Goth, Post-Punk and all things noir co-exist with equal splendour.

Interested? The link above means you can buy direct from the publisher, thereby supporting them for their trust in taking on such a project. They accept Paypal and for such a chunky book they’re doing a very cheap deal on postage. They are actually an independent record label and have released a fantastic series of Goth re-releases, so as they support the scene it would be nice if people acknowledged that by buying directly from them.

12 Feb 2009

Free Download!

Liam from Equinox Studios has remixed one of our tracks, Hunter.

If you want a listen "Hunter (Equinoxe Orchestral Mix)" can be downloaded and listened to here: http://www.equinoxestudios.co.uk/hunter.mp3

Contact for him is: liam@equinoxestudios.co.uk

24 Jan 2009

New Review of Blue Shift!

Jason from JH Music has reviewed Blue Shift :)

The full review can be perused here.

Some bits we especially like:

"bargain of the century."
"a truly excellent EP that should be in everyone's collection."
"9 out of 10"


18 Jan 2009

Valentine's Day Spectacular!

We love playing Newcastle, it's where we had our first out of town gig and our gigs there have always had a great atmosphere. On Valentine's day we return for a special gig at the Trojan Rooms for the bargain~tastic sum of £3!It'll be our first headline slot in the north~east and we plan tounveil some of our new stuff we've been experimenting with aroundSheffield for the last few months... Supporting will be the best thingto come out of Manchester since the exit sign... Blind Before Dawn.

Further to this, we can also announce a clubnight after the gig until 2am ~ who cares about being single on Valentine's when there's dancing to be had?!

Did I mention that entry is just £3 ...BARGAIN!


Thought I'd also mention that I set up a profile on Facebook to help with even invites... If you fancy adding yourself to me I'll send you invites when playing your area (if the network bit shows up)...

If you fancy it, I live here!

And the full band Facebook lives here!

13 Jan 2009

New Review of Blue Shift...

...To be found on the Femme Metal Webzine ~ THE portal for female fronted music, we strongly recommend picking through the rest of the site...

"In conclusion, Dyonisis are a band that are consistent, dynamic, interesting and just flat out good. They are everything I could want in a band."

Full review here: http://www.femmemetal.net/dybs.htm

12 Jan 2009

EP Launch Party Pics ~ pt 2 !

Photos by Steven Oxley.

11 Jan 2009

We've finally got ourselves on ilike!


Should you wish to dedicate a Dyonisis song to a friends or add it to your ilike playlist it's actually possible now!

Here: http://ilike.com/artist/Dyonisis

We're still getting to grips with the app so expect it to become more shiny over the coming weeks... And if you want to help out by adding to the tag cloud then we'll love you forever & ever!

05 Jan 2009

EP Launch Party Pics ~ pt 1!

Photos By Mike Riley.







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