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23rd October 2010

Buy Intoxicated from Fairshare Music and do your bit for charity

We've just started selling Intoxicated on Fairshare Music. What's really great about buying from this site is that they donate half of their profits to your chosen charity, so not only are you getting a spiffing copy of our album, you're also doing your bit to help other people too.

You can buy the album from them here and you can find out more about what they do here.

18th August 2010

Gothic Paradise - Dyonisis Special Feature

The fabulous net radio station, Gothic Paradise, that includes reviews and features of bands of all sizes, have done this special feature on Dyonisis, with 2 reviews (one of which was 5/5 - whooooohooo!).

Click on image below to see what they've been saying about us...

2nd July 2010

Dyonisis Track on Screams from the Charnel House Compilation CD

We've been included on a compilation featuring acts that have played Newcastle's finest Goth night, The Charnel House - yey! It's got some cracking tracks on it Very Happy

1/. Dyonisis - Abyss
2/. The Ghost of Lemora - Lady Lemora
3/. The Malfated - Kiss me Judas
4/. Alice Moving Under Skies - Grit Girl
5/. Crud - Fire (Master)
6/. Jagged - Burning
7/. Zeitgeist Zero - Party for One
8/. Lupine - No Heaven
9/. Rome Burns - The Escapologist
10/. Momento Mori UK - Abandon Hope
11/. Engine of Excess - Towers of Silence
12/. Rome Nine Roses - All The Cats Are Grey
13/. History of Guns - Empty Eyes
14/. Higher Love - At the End of the Day

Available now for £9.99 including postage and packing from: http://www.gethsemanegames.com/5.html

........And in other news, we're now on iTunes! Whoooohooooo!!!

30th June 2010


In accordance with the Law of the Sod, Louisa has now fallen ill with the virus that Nel had last week. We *really* do not wish to cancel another gig in so short a space of time. Fortunately two angels have materialised called Llewelyn and Clare...

For one night only we will be presenting a revised line-up and an additional instrument!

Llew is Nel & Marcus' housemate and is a fabulous viola player and will be adding the layers which will be so sorely missed without Louisa's beautiful voice. Clare has only seen us live the once, at our last Leeds show, but has heeded our distress calls through a mutual friend and has bravely stepped into the breech and agreed to learn as much of the set as she can before Saturday. She deserves a medal of some kind. Or lots of wine.

Please come and lend us some much needed support this Saturday, we'll be missing the operatic strains of Louisa, but I can guarantee something original and unique! It's only £2 and it's a fabulous venue :D

Facebook Event Page

30th May 2010

Blue Shift EP has Sold Out!

Well done and many thanks to all those who bought a copy of our limited edition "Blue Shift EP", but it has now completely sold out.

Don't despair though, as you can catch up with our latest release "Intoxicated" by clicking here.

27th May 2010

Dyonisis Feature in Sheffield Telegraph.

We've had a very nice write-up in the Sheffield Telegraph. Visit the link below to see what they said about us.

Dyonisis in the Sheffield Telegraph

26th May 2010

* * * NO MORE PENDANTS LEFT * * * still taking album pre-orders however!


Firstly, if you have ordered an album from us, thank you, we've been literally overwhelmed by the interest. So much so that I did not quite plan for the response and now has no materials left from which to make pendants! Should you still want an album, then we're still taking pre-orders and there's a sampler up on: http://reverbantion.com/dyonisis

Thanks ever so much for your support,
Nel & Dyonisis

15th April 2010

Nel played with hearts & hacksaws...

I've spent a happy few weeks disembowelling clocks and playing with the remains, it's felt reeeeally sacrilegious. I reconstructed them into heart-shaped pendants, in an attempt to embody the lyric "We are more than the sum of our many, splintered parts 'cause we amor".

Now it's time to give them away, should you like. I'm planning to give them out with every album pre-ordered between now and May 27th. They'll be posted out together on the 28th. It's to say thanks for buying the album & showing faith in the tunes off the back of only ever hearing them live, we really appreciate it (and fervently hope that you end up enjoying the recordings!)

I nearly removed a significant amount of finger making these!

Thanks to Owen Dickman for his tool advice, Jennifer Leti for her photography skills and my housemate for not freaking out when I filled the kitchen with broken clocks! - you guys seriously rock :)


The Info:

Intoxicated: Album released 29/05/2010
Price: £10
Preorder with handmade pendant: before 27/05/2010
Where: http://dyonisis.info/CD_intoxicated.htm


PS - If you don't want a pendant with the CD, just give me a shout in the notes when you order & I'll keep it back!

Nel :) x

08 April 2010

SUPERSTAR DJs! Launch News!

We are blooming thrilled to announce our exciting DJs for the culmination of our launch party! DJs Ghost (Charnel House/Sexy Sunday) and the lovely Lahannya (Slimelight) - Whooooooooooohooo!!!

aaaaaaaaaaaand.......... The stunning Sieben is joining the line-up! I've said it before, and I'll say it again, this is one act you *have* to see play live before you die. Violin Magician Extrodinairre! - click here.

May 29th. Penelope's. Sheffield. 5 class bands. 2 top DJs. New album. That loud BOOM! you just heard was my mind blowing from excitement - This is going to be super-awesome-ness-tastic!

See you there! x

26 February 2010

Album Launch Date, artwork and exciting news :D

Hello One & All!

We've been busy, busy, busy over the last few months (Who said musicians were lazy?!) and finally Intoxicated is taking shape. To that end we've booked us a super-shiny launch party and would like to invite all of you to come and join in with us! It's free entry, special offers, freebies and a fantastic line up to party with :D

More info to follow but here's a taster ;)

DATE: Sat 29th May


Niteworks - www.myspace.com/niteworked
Fallen Trees - www.myspace.com/fallentreesband
Miseria Lost - www.myspace.com/miserialost

WHERE: Penelopes, Arundal Gate (Next to the Odeon), Sheffield. There'll be a seated smoking area, fantastical decor and a sensational atmosphere!


~ * ~ * ~

In other news, Nel recently had an interview with Of The Twighlight, a blog dedicated to all thing Goth and Musical. Read the full transcript here: ofthetwilight.blogspot.com

~ * ~ * ~

Finally, a huge thank-you to everyone who has hosted us or been to see us play over the last 12 months. You're a special bunch of stars and we hope to party with you all again soon!









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