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5th November 2011


Earlier this year Dyonisis gathered a collection of Sheffield's finest acoustic artists and put on an intimate and atmospheric gig called Etheria. It attracted fans of dark acoustic music from around the country and we indulged ourselves on dark chocolate cherries, amazing music and quality beers. The Red House venue recorded the sets and, such was the talent onstage that night, that we considered putting some live recordings from the night up for free dwonload so that we could share a taste of the event with others.

Then, sadly, things changed and my uncle became diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. At the time of writing he is still alive, although not expected to make it through the weekend. I was previously unaware of how low the survival rate for this cancer is (the lowest of all cancers in the UK - just 3% of those diagnosed survive 5 years). Naturally, feeling so helpless in the face of his diagnosis I've wanted to do something to help raise awareness and fund research.

In the light of this, the acts involved kindly agreed to let me put their music up for paid download - at £4 for 12 tracks of quality music from Sieben, Dyonisis, Fallen Trees, Actual Midgets, Diz Carberry and Hungarian Lanterns. 100% of the proceeds will go to the Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund (Registered charity No. 1103253).

Please consider buying this ep. It's a cause in much need of funding and attention. Furthermore Etheria was a stunning night of great music - you will more than get your £4 worth - believe me!

Etheria ep available to download here: http://dyonisis.bandcamp.com/album/etheria-2011

Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund website: http://www.pcrf.org.uk/

Participating Artists:
Sieben: website
Dyonisis: website
Paul Littlewood: website
Actual Midgets: website
Diz Carberry: website
Hungarian Lanterns: website

Donate to PCRF: http://www.pcrf.org.uk/pages/single-donation.html

Many thanks for taking the time to read this
Nel x


Some Facts:

1. Pancreatic cancer has the lowest survival rate of all UK cancers – only 3% of those diagnosed survive 5 years or more. This rate has not changed in 40 years.

2. It is the fifth most common cause of cancer death in the UK.

3. Nearly 8,000 people each year are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in the UK. It affects men and women in roughly equal proportions.

4. There is no early detection test for pancreatic cancer and treatment is limited. Because symptoms are initially vague and generally don’t appear until the disease is well advanced, most people are diagnosed when the disease is advanced. As a result, average survival time from diagnosis to death is six months.

5. Research into pancreatic cancer is under-funded compared with many other types of cancer. Pancreatic cancer causes 5% of cancer deaths but receives only 1% of research funding.

6. Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund (Registered Charity No. 1103253) is a national charity founded in 2004 by Maggie Blanks after the death of her husband from the disease in 2003. It is the only national charity exclusively funding research into pancreatic cancer, and funds innovative research in institutions throughout the UK.

20th August 2011


Sadly, the show at Margate's West Coast Bar at the start of next month has been cancelled by the promoter. Our apologies to all who intended on coming, especially as it's been a while since we've played a southern gig.

But! There is happier news! We're still set to play London on the 12th of November supporting the fantastic The Last Dance. Extra supports from stalwarts The Ghost of Lemora and Last July. Entry includes free admission to Slimelight afterwards - everyone's a winner!

Tickets are available from here.

Before that we rejoin our favourite Anglo-German outfit Lahannya for a couple of dates on their Dystopia tour 2011!

Firstly we'll be playing a hometown show in Sheffield's Corporation on the 1st of Oct.
Tickets here.

In addition were also playing Birmingham's Asylum on the 9th of Oct.
Tickets here.

Best wishes from all of us in Dyonisis, hopefully see you around!
Nel x








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